Forward Corp announced it will end its proprietary Forward Rewards program at the company’s 29 convenience stores in favor of fully-adopting Shell and Marathon’s national rewards platforms.

Effective Jan 1, 2020, Forward will utilize only Shell’s national Fuel Rewards program at its 26 Shell locations and Marathon’s MakeItCount program at its three Marathon stores. Both programs center around customers earning cents per gallon discounts off fuel and are already being used at Forward stores.

“Fuel Rewards and MakeItCount are robust programs we know our customers will appreciate,” Forward Corp. Marketing Specialist Anna Langstaff said. “Forward Rewards has certainly been a great program, but we’re excited about what the future holds.”

Shell Fuel Rewards and Marathon MakeItCount customers enjoy everyday savings of at least 5 cents off per gallon with an opportunity to earn significantly more through various purchases and partnerships, Langstaff said. 

Nearly 50,000 customers have used Fuel Rewards or MakeItCount at a Forward location this year, a number boosted by the draw of a national program. Both programs can be used at any Shell or Marathon location in the country – not just Forward.

“Customers love earning cents off,” Langstaff said, “and the national power of each program allows them to earn and redeem those cents off wherever they go across the U.S.”

Current Forward Rewards customers have until Dec. 31 to redeem points and free product earnings. Those with questions can visit for more information.

Those interested in Fuel Rewards or MakeItCount can visit or to enroll. Customers can also sign up through the program’s respective apps that can be downloaded from most app stores.