To all Forward employees,

Here are the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • We made the difficult decision to lay off a number of Subway and hotel staff over the last 48 hours. The reduction we’ve seen in sales this last week has been significant and that trend is likely to continue.  Each employee has been individually notified and will receive a personal letter with instructions on how to file for unemployment benefits. I am still in shock that all of our lives have been impacted to this level with the pandemic. I don’t think anyone truly understood what was coming or the level of devastation it would cause across the world. My heart goes out to each employee who is impacted and I hope we can get back to our normal operations quickly.
  • As you likely saw, Tina Hutchinson sent out a letter via email and WorkJam this morning addressing frequently asked questions regarding absences related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and unemployment benefits. Even for those employees who have not been laid off, I highly recommend you read this letter. With the unprecedented impact this pandemic has had on the economy in such a short period of time, it is likely your friends and/or family will be impacted in some way. The more information you have, the better. Though as Tina said in the letter, the information changes frequently so it is important to stay on top of it as much as you can.
  • We are also awaiting word on a federal stimulus package expected next week that will provide relief for millions of American families facing the uncertainties of layoffs or reduced pay. The almost overnight impact we’ve seen across the country to countless industries is shocking, and my hope is our elected officials take that into consideration when determining the best ways to help the citizens of this country.
  • As a reminder, to stay up-to-date with all communication regarding Coronavirus as it relates to Forward, visit

It’s hard to believe it was just a week ago the governor announced schools would be closed. In so many ways, the weight of this situation has somehow sped time up yet slowed it to a crawl. I encourage everyone to take pause and look around you and identify all the good that still exists. I know in times like this reflection can be hard, but it is also necessary as we get through this together.


Abby Moniz
President, Forward Corp.