April 24, 2020

To all Forward employees,

This morning the Governor announced the continuation of the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order through May 15, but with new revisions from the previous order.

As such, I want to provide you with a few updates on how this impacts Forward and our employees.

  • The expanded order makes wearing masks in any indoor public space mandatory beginning at 11:59 p.m. on April 26. This means that all C-Store and Subway employees working indoors alongside the public will be required to wear masks starting at Midnight Sunday. Employees working outdoors are not required to wear masks, although the practice is recommended. If any employee who works outside must go indoors to a public space, they are required to wear a mask when they do so. All employees should have received masks in the last two weeks, but please let your immediate supervisor know if you have any questions or foresee any issues.
  • The extension of the order also means, unfortunately, that Forward will be unable to cover the employee portion of healthcare premiums for the month of May for employees on lay off. If you have health insurance through Forward and are currently laid off, you will still be able to keep your insurance in May and the missed employee premiums will be deducted from your first paycheck when you return. Since this situation remains fluid, we will update you all later in May if any other changes need to be made. Please contact HR directly if you have any questions.
  • However, the additional appreciation pay put into effect April 1 for frontline employees will be extended through May 19. As with insurance, you can contact HR for further information or clarification, if needed.
  • For the time being, T.R. McTaggart, our hotels, and the LumberJack restaurant will remain closed, along with the 12 Subway locations we took offline. We will continue to evaluate expected business needs at these units, particularly at the Quality Inn where we are reviewing May reservations and whether current bookings warrant reopening the first of the month. We will update you early next week.

While today’s extension does allow for some economic re-engaging, it postpones any significant easing of restrictions for at least another three weeks. Ours hearts go out to those impacted by this pandemic and we greatly appreciate those employees working during these challenging times and those who await an opportunity to return.

Stay safe and stay healthy.


Abby Moniz
President, Forward Corp.