Earlier today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced an executive order that mandates all individuals wear face coverings when in an indoor public space. Beginning at 12:01 am on Monday, July 13, businesses must refuse entry and/or service to people who do not wear face coverings and could be fined or have their business license suspended if found in violation. We need to take this order seriously and comply in order to preserve the health of our employees, customers, and company.

The only reason a customer is allowed to enter without a face covering is if they cannot medically tolerate one, are under the age of five, are communicating with someone who is hearing impaired and needs to see the mouth for communication, or for identification purposes. Customers at our Subway locations and the LumberJack restaurant are allowed to remove face coverings when seated and eating/drinking.

When the order takes effect Monday, employees should politely remind any customer not wearing a mask that they must wear one to enter and be served. New door signs will be sent out to each location to notify customers of the requirement.

I recognize this new order may be unsettling as we’ve all seen videos on social media of aggressive customers who do not want to wear masks. With the order in effect for the entire state, I am hopeful the majority of our customers will comply without issue.

However, please know that I would never ask any of our people to put themselves into an unsafe situation, and that we will allow some discretion on how you address a customer who refuses to wear a covering after they’ve been reminded. We will comply with the law, but we do not want you to feel as though you have to escalate an issue with an already combative customer.

We will continue to keep you updated if anything changes or new guidance is released. In the meantime I encourage you to speak with your immediate supervisor if you have additional questions.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Abby Moniz
President, Forward Corp.