This afternoon, Governor Whitmer announced new steps in the re-opening of the state’s economy as we shift away from the current stay-at-home order and move into Phase 4 of Michigan’s MI Safe Start Plan. Our leadership team is currently reviewing how these updates impact Forward, and I will announce details in the coming days. In the meantime, I wanted to share the following important COVID-19 updates.

  • As you know, all employees have been required to self-monitor for possible COVID-19 symptoms since May 1. Per the Governor’s executive order, we are also required to keep a log that indicates employees complete these assessments daily. All employees will now be required to initial each day before starting work that they have reviewed the daily symptom checker. Office employees were given email instruction on where to locate a digital log, while employees in the field will be given access to a printed version. As a reminder, this log does not disclose personal health information and only verifies that you completed your self-assessment. Any concern about symptoms should be brought to your manager or supervisor immediately.
  • I did want to confirm that the limited-time appreciation pay will expire on June 2. While it would be great to offer it indefinitely, after two extensions since April 1, the economic realities are such that we are unable to continue it at this time. As I’ve said before, the program ending does not mean we appreciate you any less, and I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for Forward and all you continue to do.
  • I’m happy to report the Super 8 in Houghton Lake opened for business this past Friday. Reservations were slow for the first few days, but the Quality Inn in West Branch reached 75% occupancy this past weekend. With even more restrictions lifted in the coming days, it’s only a matter of time until the Houghton Lake Super 8 picks up.
  • Today’s safety reminder touches on proper face mask procedures. Wash your hands before putting on your mask and be sure it is secured under your chin and covers your mouth and nose. When removing, handle only by the ear loops or ties, place it in a washing machine, and then wash your hands. And remember, if you are feeling ill – particularly if you have a fever of 100.4 or higher, shortness of breath, or a cough – contact your manager BEFORE coming to work.

It has been more than eight weeks since the state’s first Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order, and today’s announcement is a significant step forward for our state. We will have more details to share soon on additional re-openings, but in the meantime I encourage everyone to enjoy the good news that the health of Michiganders has improved enough that we can turn our attention to the health of our economy.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Abby Moniz
President, Forward Corp.